Easy feedback added to Spinnaker

We’ve added Usersnap to all our projects so that you can report bugs where they happen, when they happen, using point & click tools that make it simple for you. It’s a great tool for project teams to share information and communicate when they are doing user testing.

Obviously, this is a useful tool for user testers where it’s proven its worth as a useful, easy to use method for feedback, team collaboration and discussion of changes… but it’s also a great tool for providing any-day feedback from active trials.

You’ll find in on TTM2-TAME, REMAP-CAP, PLUS, ICU-ROX Trials, and retrofitted it in some of our other active studies.

You can read more about Usersnap on the website  usersnap.com … or simply look for the feedback button on your trial.
Happy snapping!

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