Red & Amber ranges help with monitoring

Many of you will be familiar with the amber and red ranges in Spinnaker.

In a nutshell …
Ranges are set by the project management team and logged in Spinnaker when the trial is set up. Each numeric datapoint can have an amber range and a red range.
Red ranges specify the absolute outside limit of acceptable data. Any value outside of this range will NOT be accepted into the database.
Amber ranges specify the limits of acceptable data. The database will accept values outside of the amber ranges but only if the value is confirmed by the person entering the data.
The amber range on our example below is 50-150kg and needs to confirmed by the Research Coordinator before Spinnaker will accept the value.

Amber range confirm

Our tip:
The red ranges on many studies are too narrow and project managers have to make changes after enrolments have begun. If you make good use of the amber ranges, set your red ranges wide and make good use of our “Outside range” report, you will save yourself the hassle of making changes after enrolments have started.

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