Your feedback creates overhauled patient list

Thanks to some really positive, useful feedback from our users (you!) we have been able to improve one of the most-used and popular pages in Spinnaker – the “Patient List” page. This is the page that shows you, at a glance, the status of your patient follow-ups and form completions.

The page lists all your patients that have been enrolled in the trial. Heres what the page shows you (with the new features marked thus*):

  • Initials – because you know your patients by name not a number
  • When they were randomised and how many days since enrolled
  • The status of their eCRF forms
    •   if the form is complete
    •   if some data has been entered
    •   if nothing has been entered into the form
  • The date follow-ups are due – light grey for not due yet, black when due … and now the date stays in place until the form gets a green tick*
  • If a patient has died any remaining follow-ups will be marked with a pale grey cross – that way you know that while the data was not collected, there is no need to collect it

AND each of those ticks, crosses or dates links you directly to the form you need.

Patient List from test database

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