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The SuppPN Trial

A stratified, prospective, multi-centre, unblinded, randomised, parallel-group phase II study to determine whether a supplemental parenteral nutrition strategy will reliably and safely increase energy intake when compared to usual care

The SuppPN Trial

Nutrition is one of the fundamentals of care provided to critically ill adults. The volume of enteral nutrition received, however, is often much less than prescribed due to multiple functional and process issues. To deliver the prescribed volume and correct the energy deficit associated with enteral nutrition alone, parenteral nutrition can be used in combination (termed “supplemental parenteral nutrition”), but benefits of this method have not been firmly established. A multi-centre, randomised, clinical trial is currently underway to determine if prescribed energy requirements can be provided to critically ill patients by using a supplemental parenteral nutrition strategy in the critically ill.

The trial aims to determine if provision of a supplemental parenteral nutrition strategy to critically ill adults will increase energy intake compared to usual care in Australia and New Zealand. Trial outcomes will guide development of a subsequent larger randomised controlled trial.

Co-ordinated by The ANZIC-Research Centre at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

This trial used our Spinnaker software to randomise patients in 6 locations across New Zealand and Australia.  Spinnaker provided an integrated, easy to use randomisation and eCRF solution. Events such as SAE were recorded and reported as they happened. Spinnaker also provided a level of study management tools to assist the Chief Investigator and Project Manager.

The trial is complete.

To hear more about how Spinnaker helped with the SuppPN  Trial get in touch.

Supp PN was our first Australian based study. Being in different countries I thought there would be challenges around communication, there weren’t. Between phone calls, email, skype and my visits to Melbourne we were able to successfully negotiate the launch and support of this study.  A good outcome! 

Audrey Shearer, Managing Director, Spiral


Read what people are saying about the SuppPN Trial on Twitter


Read what people are saying about the SuppPN Trial on Twitter.

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