Tip #4 – Manage your emails from Spinnaker

Did you know you have control over which emails you receive from Spinnaker!

Email notifications are a good thing because they let you know something has happened, like a patient randomised, or they help you remember to follow-up with a patient. But maybe you don’t want to receive some notifications … or maybe you want extra emails. 

Heres an example. Maybe at your site, Research Co-ordinator Tuvok does all the follow-ups. If that’s the case then you don’t need to know about upcoming follow-ups and you can clear your Inbox by opting out of those emails.  Here’s what to do.

Expand the wee menu at the top right of your screen and click on “My Profile”

Then choose “Email Notifications” to see a list of all the emails you could possibly receive. 

Choose email notifications
Toggle from tick to cross

Then click on the tick or cross next to each one to toggle between opting-in and opting-out of emails. In our example Kira wants to stop receiving follow-up reminder emails. 

All done! Kira will not receive those follow-up reminders for her site and her actions have made no impact on Tuvok who will continue to receive emails and follow-up with all their patients. 

Good work Kira!

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